Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to ship my car?

Please take a look at our shipping rates.

How long does it take to ship a car to or from Hawaii?

From vessel sail date, transit times average 10 days to Oahu and 17 days to Kauai, the Big Island of Hawaii and Maui.

Can I send a personal check to pay for my shipping charges?

Hawaiian Moving does not accept personal checks. You can pay for your shipment with the following methods of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Money order/Cashier check (please make payable to Hawaiian Moving)
  • Cash

Can I make a booking online but pay for it when I drop off the car at the port?

Yes, you can. Please be sure your vehicle is paid for in full by the time it is delivered to the port. Hawaiian Moving does not accept collect shipments.

Why can’t I just show up at the port and get a booking number from there?

Port personnel do not have access to Hawaiian Moving’s booking system, but you can begin the easy process of making a booking for your vehicle prior to arriving at the port!

Can I ship personal effects in my car?

No personal items can be left in your vehicle due to liability reasons. The only exceptions are the spare tire, jack, and child car seats. The port personnel will complete a full inspection of your vehicle, and if you have any items in your vehicle, they will have to be removed prior to vehicle receipt. Please also remove your important documents from the glove compartment.

I haven’t dropped off my car yet, but I need to cancel my booking. I’ve already paid, how do I get my money back?

Please send your booking information through the “contact us” tab, and an account specialist will call you to process your refund!

I’m moving back to the mainland United States from Hawaii, and I know that I must provide my title and registration as part of the shipping process. When I shipped a vehicle to Hawaii, this was not a requirement. Why do I have to present this additional documentation now?

It’s Hawaii State Law (Statute 286-57 Unlawful removal of motor vehicle from State) that all privately owned vehicles shipping from Hawaii to the mainland United States are required to abide by. Please consult the Hawaii DMV regulations for more information.

I have a cover for my car, will someone at the port cover my vehicle to protect it?

Hawaiian Moving does everything we can to protect your vehicle while in our possession. While the port personnel will not cover your automobile, Hawaiian Moving ships thousands of automobiles each month and we take excellent care of each and every one.

I just shipped my car, but I’m not moving anymore. I need to ship it back. What do I do?

Please send your booking information through the “contact us” tab, and an account specialist will call you to assist in retrieving your vehicle.
Please note: If your car is already in line to be shipped, a $221.00 re-handling fee will be assessed. Also, if your car is already on a vessel, a return booking will need to be made. You will only be charged 50% of the current shipping rates for any return booking.

How often do the barges leave?

Hawaiian Moving provides weekly barge service from Oahu to the Neighbor Islands.

Why must my car only have 1/4 tank of gas or less?

It is a U.S. Coast Guard regulation that all vehicles have a 1/4 tank of gas or less. Gasoline and car batteries are considered hazardous materials.

Will my car be exposed to the elements?

Our ports do not have any covered parking. Your vehicle will be exposed to the elements.

Do you put cars in containers?

The preferred method of vehicle shipment is either in our vessel garages or in specialized auto frames. Containers are not generally loaded with automobiles. However, at the discretion of our terminal operations, vehicles are occasionally loaded into closed containers.

Do you have military discounts?

Currently, Hawaiian Moving does not have any discounts for military personnel. However, Hawaiian Moving shipping rates are in line with our competitors.

How far in advance can I make a booking?

We suggest that you make your booking within a month of your planned move date so you can get the most accurate vessel information. Please note that when you book far in advance, vessels in Hawaiian Moving’s schedules are subject to change. Hawaiian Moving booking numbers are valid for 90 days only.

I got a bill in the mail after I dropped my car off, but I already paid?

An invoice is generated as soon as your vehicle is physically received at our ports. Hawaiian Moving does not accept any collect shipments; if you have paid for your shipment and received an invoice, this is simply a timing issue with posting your funds to your booking information. Please retain the invoice for your records.

Do you ship motorcycles?

Hawaiian Moving does not ship motorcycles. You will need to contact a Freight Forwarder who will then be able to make these arrangements for you.

I have a small crack or chip on my windshield. Can I still ship my vehicle?

Due to safety concerns, all vehicles with chips or cracks in their windshield or windows will be subject to approval to ship on an individual basis. Please contact Hawaiian Moving’s customer service department for approval. Please be prepared to provide photos and a physical description as well as the location of the chip or crack.

How will I know when my car is available?

You will receive a courtesy phone call or email message when your car becomes available. It’s important to contact Hawaiian Moving if your phone number or email address changes. Please be sure to track your vehicle online and be aware of port storage fees if you do not collect your vehicle within the allotted time frame.

What documents will I need to show when I collect my car?

You will need your Hawaiian Moving booking number and a photo ID.

I can’t pick my car up, and I’ll need a friend or family member to collect for me. Do I need to make any special arrangements for this prior to receiving the vehicle?

If anyone other than the legal owner or persons listed on the original booking attempt to collect your vehicle, they will need a notarized letter authorizing them to collect the vehicle on your behalf. The notarized letter needs to list the Hawaiian Moving booking number, vehicle description, and the full name of who is collecting the vehicle.

My car was damaged in transit, how do I file a claim with Hawaiian Moving?

Hawaiian Moving gives you an opportunity to inspect your automobile for damage at the time it’s picked up at the destination port. All damages should be noted in writing before removing the vehicle from the terminal. Once the vehicle has left the terminal, no additional damage claims will be accepted. The only exception is that you are permitted 3 calendar days from the day of pick up to report any concealed or non-apparent damage to Hawaiian Moving. To report this type of damage, please complete the Hawaiian Moving claim form with the appropriate information.

My car arrived early, and now I have storage fees. Do I have to pay them?

It is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to track their vehicles and make alternate arrangements if estimated availability dates change. The storage fees are not fees assessed by Hawaiian Moving; these are port terminal fees and are paid to the terminal directly. These terminal storage fees cannot be waived.

How long does it take when I drop off or pick up my car?

Please allow approximately 30 minutes when delivering or collecting your vehicle from the terminal. The terminals close promptly, so please allow enough time to fully complete the process. View terminal hours of operation.

What are the port storage fees?

Port storage fees are to be made payable to the port. Fees are charged due to the port having to store your vehicle past the allotted free time. View our port storage fees.

Can I drop off my vehicle at the port sooner than I originally scheduled?

You can deliver your vehicle to the port sooner or later than you had originally planned. Your vehicle will be received and shipped on the next available vessel. At the time of drop off, you will be given your receipt which will detail an updated estimated shipping time frame. Please be advised that if you deliver earlier than anticipated, your vehicle will become available sooner, and you will be responsible for port storage fees after your free time has expired. Please double check port hours of operation prior to delivery.

I have dropped off my vehicle, but I’m not moving anymore. How do I get my car and money back?

You will need to contact customer service immediately. If we have already loaded your vehicle to a vessel, you will need to make a return booking. If we are able to retrieve the vehicle from the load port, you will be assessed a rehandling fee.

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