Moving from Hawaii to the Mainland

Moving from Hawaii to the Mainland

Moving from Hawaii to the mainland might be stressful, but we here at Hawaiian Moving will make that process as smooth and easy as possible. We have access to several ports in and around Oakland, Long Beach, and Seattle. This was a strategic choice, as these ports are as close as possible to the beautiful island of Hawaii. That way, you can get your vehicle to the mainland as quickly as possible. On top of that, this quick shipment time allows us to pass major savings onto you. When you add that to all of the packing equipment and moving services we have to offer, going with us is the right choice.

The Specifics

In terms of the specifics of car transportation, you’ll need to get your vehicle to one of our ports on a Monday. We’ll take care of everything from there, including getting your car to the mainland in 15 days or less. We can then get your car to Long Beach, Oakland, or Seattle, and you can drive your car wherever your final destination might be. This also applies to boxes, belongings, and even small dwelling places as well.


Before we can get your vehicle and other possible belongings shipped out, there are some minor details that you’ll have to take care of first. You’ll need to make sure that you have at least a quarter tank of gas in your car and that the vehicle is clean and free of debris. You’ll also want to be sure that you don’t have any cracks in your windshield and that your car is no taller than 6’4″, as clearance does have a limit in this situation. We don’t have too many limitations when it comes to regular belongings, but you’ll want to check in with us about moving dwelling places on a case by case basis.

Once You Get There

Once your car, belongings, and/or dwelling place reach the final destination port, we’re pleased to say that we offer free storage for the first day. After that, you’ll only have to pay $10 for storage. That way, you can get your things when you need them and not have to feel rushed in the meantime. That’s just one of many benefits that we have to offer here at Hawaiian Moving.

We’ve Got You Covered

Moving from Hawaii to the mainland is a big deal. Aside from the obvious aspect of having a much different culture and climate to adjust to, there’s the matter of the move itself. But just because this process often can be stressful on you while it’s happening, that doesn’t mean it has to be.

Whether it’s something as complex as shipping your car or dwelling place to another continent or something as simple as getting the packing supplies you need for a safe and efficient move, we’ve got you covered. We have the equipment and experience to get the job done right the first time, to ensure that you leave our movers with a smile on your face. We will satisfy you.

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