One thing that people often overlook when it comes to moving from the mainland United States to Hawaii or vice versa is that there’s the issue of auto shipping to consider. If you’re not willing to go through the hassle of selling your old car and getting a new one once you reach your new home, then you’ll have to figure out a way to get that old car to where you need it to go. That’s where we here at Hawaiian Moving come in.

It’s Safe

We know that moving can be quite stressful, so we wanted to make it as smooth of a process as possible. To that end, we can assure you that we work with only the best professionals in the field to ensure that your vehicle gets shipped as safely as it does quickly. We monitor every step of the process and can even keep you posted on your vehicle’s location if you opt into our tracking service. We handle all of the details so that you don’t have to.

It’s Fast

When you’re moving, the last thing you’d want would be to ship your car out to Hawaii and wait months for it to arrive, throwing a wrench in your plans and preventing you from easy travel. That’s why we have taken the initiative and gained access to ports in the Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle areas. These ports are strategically located for their very close proximity to the beautiful island of Hawaii itself. This means that you only have to wait a maximum of 15 days before your car will arrive at its new home.

We Take Care of the Details

The great thing about our service is that we handle all of the complicated details so that you have more time and energy to spend on the things that matter, namely, preparing for your awesome and exciting move! All we need from you is a quarter tank of gas, a clean car, a pristine windshield, and the knowledge that your vehicle will be able to make a 6’4″ clearance. That’s it. From there, we get your car packed up, shipped, and delivered safely and quickly.

Hawaiian Moving is the Right Choice

Whether you’re moving to a new state, town, or a whole new continent entirely, Hawaiian Moving really does have you covered. We have the equipment and experience you need, no matter if you need boxes, bubble wrap, or a ship that can take your car to a whole new land.

We know what it’s like to make a big move–we’ve made countless of them. And in that time, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. We treat each of our customers like people instead of numbers, like a valuable asset to our process instead of a dollar sign. If you need help on your move, get in touch with us today.


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