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Even in the best of situations, making a move to a new home means that you’ll most likely have to adjust to a whole new neighborhood, town, or even state. But when you’re moving either from Hawaii to the mainland or vice versa, you have a whole host of other tricky situations to navigate. There’s the obvious culture shock, the different climate, and a total change of pace. Lucky for you, though, there are certain surefire ways for you to better adjust to your new home. Let’s lay some of these ways out for you.

Look Into Tours

Sure, you might think it looks dorky, but taking tours of your new town is a quick and effective way to get your lay of the land. You don’t necessarily have to look like a tourist by snapping pictures of everything you pass, but nothing’s stopping you from doing so either. Be sure to ask your tour guide any questions you might have, too. That way, you can be sure to get the most accurate and complete information from someone whose literal job it is to have such accurate information in the first place.

Ask Your Movers

This strategy might not immediately come to mind, but your movers are a great resource if you want to know more about your new neighborhood. We here at Hawaiian Movers have helped people move in just about anywhere in th Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle areas as well as all over the beautiful island of Hawaii, so there most likely isn’t a question you can ask that we don’t already have the answer to. We might specialize in moving, but you can also look at us as amateur tour guides as well!

Look Up Reviews

The great thing about apps like Google Maps and Yelp is that they give us the opportunity to learn from the locals. Whether you’re looking for a place to do kickboxing or you want to find the hottest pho place in California, these apps are excellent resources for you to learn from. If you do your homework and shop around online, you might just even get to know more about the town you’re moving to than even the locals do!

Make Your Move Simple with Us

Just because moves can be stressful and complicated doesn’t mean they have to be. By heading off the inevitable confusion with good questions and plenty of research, you will be able to make your move as simple and painless as possible. If you’re planning on making a big move, get in touch with us here at Hawaiian Moving today!


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