You’ve covered it all–you’ve found the perfect new home, made preparations, packed up, and are now ready for the big move. The only problem is that you need a safe place to store your vehicle while you get situated in your new home. There are plenty of places out there offering you the ability to do just this, but they’ll do so for an arm and a leg. Lucky for you, there’s a better option. With Hawaiian Moving, you get the storage you need for a price you won’t believe.

Low Low Price

The great thing about our vehicle shipping and storage is that it’s cheap. At a flat rate of $1,000 for shipping, you’ll have plenty of money left over for the rest of your move, or even just to enjoy a night on the town in your new neighborhood. On top of that, we also offer you one free day of storage for your vehicle. And should you need to store your car for longer than a day, we can offer you an incredible deal–only $10 per day. That’s right. For the price of lunch, you can store your car safely with us. Then, when the time is right, you can pick up your wheels and get where you need to go.


The last thing you want when you store your vehicle is to worry about it getting lost, damaged, or stolen. Some places will offer you a storage service, some others will even offer this for cheap, but that low price usually comes at a price. After all, you usually do get what you paid for. Usually. With Hawaiian Moving, you can make an exception. We have great relationships with all of our premium affiliates, allowing us to offer a great service for a low price, all while ensuring that your vehicle is secure every step of the way.


We here at Hawaiian Moving aren’t the type to load your car up onto the ship and then leave you in the dark until it reaches its destination. No, we offer you detailed tracking info every step of the way, for free. This way, you can check up on your car and make sure the whole process is running smoothly without even having to place a call. You simply check the tracking number we give you, sit back, and relax. It’s just that easy.

We Make Storage Simple

At Hawaiian Moving, we believe that there’s a better option than what you’ll find at the other guys. To that end, we offer you premium service, fast moving times, and prices that simple can’t be beat. To give you anything less than an exceptional experience would be a disservice to you. To get started on your move, get in touch with us today!


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