Do you need to ship items to Hawaii on a regular basis? Maybe you’re planning a household move from the mainland to Hawaii. If so, the following information highlights why container shipping is both cost-effective and advantageous, especially when you compare the service to choosing air freight.

Shipping to Hawaii in Containers: Why it’s a Cheap Alternative to Hawaii Air Freight Shipments

Hawaii, an archipelago located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is heavily dependent on imported goods for its economy and way of life. From household necessities to industrial equipment, shipments regularly occur from the mainland and other countries.

Container shipping to Hawaii often is a good alternative to air freight services, as container prices optimize supply chain savings. To get a better grasp of the benefits of shipping services, it helps to learn terms like full container load and to know the brands for containers like Matson.

If you’re only shipping a car, you might consider a shipping company like Pasha Hawaii. Otherwise, you may want to look at the convenience of shipping all types of items via a company like Hawaiian Moving or DeWitt Companies.

Specialized services also often are offered from places such as Long Beach to Honolulu or to the islands of Oahu, Kauai, or Maui. Knowing your options for ocean container shipping is worth considering if you’re making any shipments to the Hawaiian Islands.

If you use an intermodal service to Hawaii – from truck to port then ocean shipment, you want to make sure you work with a shipper who regularly makes these deliveries.

How Are Containers Used in Container to Hawaii Shipments from West Coast Ports?

Full-load dry containers come in 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot lengths, and are used for west coast transport to the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Northwest. You can also include a car and boat in the delivery with your belongings.

Indeed, the metal boxes are versatile, as they can be used for electronics, household moves, frozen food deliveries, and industrial machinery. That’s why containers are an integral part of logistics today.

Advantages Of Using Containers For Shipment to Hawaii

There are several reasons why people choose containers for shipping over air freight.


The main reason why most people prefer container transport over air freight is the price. It’s much more cost-effective to ferry items over the ocean than flying them over the sea. – that is, it’s better if you ship in bulk or are shipping a full container load. You can transport more items for your transport cost.

Container shipping also proves to be more economical for businesses that are planning long-term or fixed budgets because the rates remain stable over time. This form of shipment is more predictable than other modes of transportation, such as trucks or trains, which can fluctuate based on fuel prices and delivery times.

Volume Capacity

Sea-going vessels provide a lot of convenience because of their capacity. This is especially helpful to firms that deal with huge volumes frequently. This lowers the amount businesses pay on single trips and reduces costs per item shipped. That’s why wholesalers like using vessels for shipping purposes.

Moreover, if you’re shipping household goods from the mainland to Hawaii, you can order a full container load (FCL) service for loading personal household items. As a point of reference, a 20-foot container will handle the furnishings and items from a three-bedroom home.

Security, Eco Friendliness, and Flexible Shipment Options

Delivery by ship offers maximum protection against theft and weather conditions too. In addition, shipping by container minimizes physical damages. Moreover, ships emit less carbon dioxide per ton mile than airplanes, which makes sea freight more sustainable. Ships make fewer trips, which makes this possible.

You also have more flexibility if you use container shipping and ocean transportation over air freight. You can ship dry goods as well as perishables, such as vegetables, which need refrigeration. Therefore, you have more diverse cargoes sailing the sea. Moreover, you’re not responsible for tariffs when shipping from the mainland.

A Note About Hawaii Air Freight Costs

Generally speaking, an air freight service tends to be expensive due to the high operational costs associated with fuel consumption and regular deliveries. However, if your item(s) fall under a category called “low-weight items” – having a small size but a higher value , premium pricing covers the additional expenses you incur for the convenience of faster shipping.

Less packaging requirements are involved for air shipments because of a decreased transit times and a shorter handling process. Air freight normally works out better for anyone who has shipment information needs such as the transport of financial or legal documents.

Hawaii Shipping Transit Times

While container shipping spans seven to ten days, air freight takes one to three days for deliveries. Therefore, when making a shipping decision, you need to consider what you’re shipping and how long you can allow for the shipment. Like any relocation, advanced planning works out well if you’re making an ocean move.

Final Thoughts About Container Shipping to Hawaii

If you’re shipping household goods to Hawaii, you can use container shipping for a safe and reliable shipment. Port to port shipments can be arranged for anyone moving over the ocean blue. Tell your shipper about your moving plans and what you want to ship for transport. Companies like Hawaiian Moving can move all your belongings, including your car(s) or boat, to your new home in paradise.

Not only is container shipping convenient, so is choosing a moving company that is experienced in making moves from the US mainland. Who you choose for your move is just as important as how you choose to ship your belongings to your new place in Hawaii.

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