Black man moving furniture

Moving to a new house or apartment is among one of the most significant things you can do in your life. Aside from leaving a previous home behind, you might just be moving to a place that will be your new permanent home. As such, there are certain questions you’ll want to ask of your movers before you start the job to ensure that everything runs as safely and smoothly as possible. So to that end, here are a few questions that you should be asking before your big move:

Are you insured for workers’ compensation?

It’s a worst case scenario, but it’s unfortunately one that’s all too possible: during your move, a worker trips while hauling a box upstairs and falls, tumbling down and breaking their arm. If your mover isn’t insured for workers’ compensation, the entire cost of that worker’s treatment could fall squarely on your lap. Lucky for you, we here at Hawaiian Moving are in fact insured for workers’ compensation, so you don’t even have to ask or worry.

Do you offer moving equipment yourself?

It seems like a simple enough question, but it’s one that all too many moving companies can’t adequately answer: “Do you offer moving equipment yourself?” Sure, you can pick up some cheap boxes at the home improvement store, but you can most likely get higher quality boxes for even cheaper by buying them direct from the mover themselves. Here at Hawaiian Moving, not only do we offer such boxes, we even provide equipment to safely move your clothes, valuables, and other fragile items. Whatever you need to move, we’ve got you covered?

Do you unload the truck yourself?

Believe it or not, there are actually moving companies out there that will leave alll of the unloading of the boxes up to you. What’s the point of hiring an expensive moving company if you’ll end up doing much of the work, all with the flimsy excuse that you’ll “know best where everything needs to go.” Don’t fall for their lies. By writing the destination rooms on boxes or simply telling us in person where to place them, we here at Hawaiian Moving will move your belongings exactly where they need to go.

Right Questions, Right Answers

Just as there is no wrong question, there is no wrong answer we’ll give you here at Hawaiian Moving. One of the great things about having as much as experience as we have is that we’ve heard just about every question you might have before. We’ve seen and done it all, which means we can make your move as smooth, safe, and easy as possible. If you need help with your move, get in touch with us today!


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